Our Process

A proven streamlined process which allows us to deliver quality results and meet your deadlines.

Our development works well for small websites and large projects.

Key factors of our success are careful planning and specifications at the project’s beginning, continual deliveries as well as adjustments according to your feedback during development and detailed quality assurance at the end of the development process to ensure that we reach our biggest goals — happy clients!


During the discovery phase our tech person will meet with your project team to determine the scope and establish the objectives of your future project.


At the planning phase we will estimate time and cost of your project and provide you with a project development plan.


Our design team will create designs according to your specification (if your project involves the design phase) and provide you with organized/layered source files.


During the development phase our programming engineers build out all functionality based on the technical requirements created for your project. During this phase you will receive daily updates.


The most important phase which ensures the quality of our work is the quality assurance process. This includes a visual and technical audit of your project.


When all revisions and changes have been completed, the project is pushed live. We are responsible for completing a full project review and testing in the production environment.


Feel free to contact us whether it’s just a question, emergency situation, or an update is required for your project. You can be sure that we will always be here to help you.

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